… education

Every child has the right to         … adequate food, clothing and housing

                                                                    … healthy living conditions



According to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.



That’s nice to know, but unfortunately it’s not the reality!
Millions of children still are not granted these rights, the reasons are numerous.

We want to help! Join us!

Give a child in Kenya the chance for a better future!

In the East-African development country Kenya many children suffer from malnutrition, diseases, afrikakartelack of education, insufficient basic provisions, and missing parents. Many children grow up under unbelievably cruel conditions and are unlikely to ever get a fair chance in life. The number of orphans due to AIDS still grows at an alarming rate.

Traditional rituals like the circumcision or forced marriages of girls and the inequality in treatment of boys and girls promote conflict that makes life ever harder for these children. Many girls suffer from cruel mistreatment and abuse in their families. Many have lost one or both of their parents to diseases like AIDS or malaria and have to fight through a hard life without support.

Education is the basic building block to the development of a country. Only by educating the next generation, along with the adult population in rural areas, can change be brought about.


In Kenya, we are helping orphans as well as children from families in need.
We are running a – small as of yet – school for girls and an orphanage. Both projects are financed solely through donations and sponsorships. We receive no support from the Kenyan government, but we do work very closely with the local communities in order to foster acceptance and integration.

We need every cent for our humanitarian work!
Please read on to find out more about our projects and what we do, and what you can do to help directly and without bureaucracy!


Simba Wake Academy – A school for girls
With this boarding school we are looking to give disadvantaged girls in one of the poorest areas of Kenya a chance. Here in Langobaya, located in the remote hinterland of Malindi, we started with an empty plot of land. We now have a school house, a sanitary area, and a kitchen, and dormitories to turn this into a fully fledged boarding school are currently in the making. It is our aim to support as many girls through sponsorships as possible.

It is tough to be a girl in these poor areas in Kenya – often girls are being married at ages as early as 12, and they have their own children soon after. Many girls are subject to sexual abuse and they are often at a disadvantage in terms of access to education.

Simba Wake can be translated as ‘lioness’ – the name alone gives our girls pride and self confidence! But imagine what proper education can add to that!

 lb_classroom0030  lk_girls0005
 lk_girls0006  lf_farming0004

Unlike state-run schools that often have class sizes of up to 80 pupils, we keep classes to a maximum of 35 girls. That way we can provide first class education of a style we intend to be comprehensive, holistic and modern.

The girls receive several meals a day – as part of a healthy and balanced diet which we also supplement through our own farm project. We grow fruit and vegetables and rear chickens, goats and cows in order to keep costs low, but also to generate jobs for the local community. And our girls have their own small plot of land where they grow their own crops and flowers!

Tsimba Children’s Home – a caring home


The home currently houses 20 children between the ages of 4 and 16, predominantly financed through sponsorships. The kids have been transferred to us from the local Children Protection Office – AIDS orphans, abused, mistreated, malnourished and rejected children now have a new and caring home with us.

Tsimba Children’s Home has gone through some hard times due to issues with its former management – we are now looking to give these kids the stability they deserve.

Looked after by several house mothers and a house father, and living in a clean and safe environment, they get a chance to get over their trauma and to face life again with renewed courage.

With us, kids are allowed to be kids again!

Sports for the bigger children and a playground to run free for the smaller kids – they’re an important part to balance the busy school schedules.

Most children attend private schools, where this is not possible we have found adequate state schools – but all our children receive the best possible schooling and many of them have risen to the challenge and are performing really well in school.


TCH Spielplatz TCH Kids3
TCH Kids2 TCH Dining


Help us help!
All the money is managed in Germany and we make sure that it goes where it’s supposed to go. At any time we can prove what money has been used for.p_astrid0002

There are numerous ways to help us help the children at the Simba Wake Academy or the Tsimba Children’s Home:

  1. Become a member! You don’t have to be active, but with an annual membership fee of just €50 you can support our work and as a member you have a say in what should be done
  2. Become a sponsor! Provide a child with a chance for a better future
    As a child sponsor you can support an individual child with €30 per month;
    as a project sponsor you can help us cover the cost for water, electricity, or teachers’ salaries.
  3. Just donate – as a once-off or on a regular basis, it’s up to you!
  4. Put a link to us on your web site or use your connections in Facebook, Twitter or other online groups and forums to introduce us to a wider audience


You would like to take an active role?
You could support our activities in Germany or run your own activities where you live. You could also travel to Kenya and help out at the Simba Wake Academy or the Tsimba Children’s Home. Maybe you have contacts or connections that our work and the children could benefit from.

We help directly and without unnecessary detours!
Our chairwoman Astrid spends ca. three out of six months in Kenya. That way she can make sure the money goes directly to the children and the projects we support.

We help where no tourists go…
We have thought long and hard about where our activities are needed the most – therefore we decided to set up Simba Wake Academy for Girls in the hinterland far away from the coast. Even the Children’s Home is away from the beaches and tourists.

We work transparently
We regularly post reports and updates about our projects on this web site. And we will also let you know about every penny of income and where it went to.

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